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Biden and the Voting Rights Bill

I love the racist rhetoric spewed by President douche and the Dems, Martin Luther King Republican,  Abe Lincoln Republican, Fredrick Douglass Republican, you fuckhead Dems when you say their names you make me want to puke. We, Republicans, do appreciate you mentioning the names of some of our greatest Republicans especially in regards to civil rights and the ending of slavery, we just wish you would also mention that they were Republicans.

Joe douche how fucking dare you act like you stood at the side of MLK, when did you get arrested protesting civil rights? Do any of you bother to know what really happened, or have you allowed one kind of white person to convince you that they are on your side?

When you say their name, talk about their legacy remember it was people like you that blocked voting rights, you like to invoke the names of people like George Wallace Dem, John C Calhoun Dem, Bull Conner Dem, Jefferson Davis Dem, on and on you give examples of racists in history that blocked black voting rights, you like to lump us Republicans in with them with such Nazi fever, well guess what they were Democrats. This is your party, the party of hate and slavery.

Even your precious Kennedy couldn’t deliver on voting rights until he was killed and LBJ used his death to push the issue.

How could MLK have been a Dem during the time he was alive?  He was going to align himself with the Dems that were lynching people in the south, we know what those leaders did, Bull Conner as Joe so likes to invoke is but one simple example, back then you could spit and hit ONE.

That’s the reason I and countless others have chosen to be part of the party that has been on the right side of history not trying to block it. We again like to thank you for giving the Republicans the respect it deserves when talking about the party that has stood for voter’s rights.

They have also convinced you the other kind of white person hates you, I mean if we’re going to say we are racists all the time then lets at the molecular level say it’s race ok?

So let me ask you one thing if that kind of white person could be trusted why then the other kind of white person doesn’t trust them?

I’m supposed to believe that the south in the 50s, 60s, that was run by who? Democrats right?

We who hail from the North East and no disrespect to say California but you weren’t a state yet when this matter was decided, so the states that had more of a say in it, we know what we’re talking about, and more importantly, you have no idea what these states were and the what they did.

The southern states and all the Dems that hailed from them to this Northerner, well they were on the side of slavery let’s face it and it takes a couple of generations for it to weed itself out.

His father grew up hearing and using the N-word, Joe grew up hearing him say it, ask him directly he will lie but if you have any street smarts, any common sense you will know he’s lying.

Like I’ve stated before my family came here after the civil war and settled in the North, we assimilated to Northern ideas.

My mother shared plenty of her personal experiences down south in the 60s, myself in the late 70s like 79 I believe, on a trip with the family some locals when hearing our accent said exactly what my mother told me they would.

“Y’all from New York” usually proceeded with walking away in disgust lol, for real a different time. They blamed us especially New Yorkers for ending slavery, did you know more NYs died in the civil war than any other Northern State?  Now you do lol

So when Democrats like Joe Biden who he voted to give Davis back his citizenship for example, or eulogizes douches like Robert Byrd, well I can’t take anything he says seriously, like if he came out and said I was wrong to vote in favor of giving Jefferson Davis back his citizenship than maybe I could take him seriously.

See those of us from the Northeast kind of feel that the south starts right after Jersey, and parts of South Jersey might remind you of the South point being Joe being from Deleware, well got bad news for the part of America that wasn’t around back then but Joe is a Southern Cracker.

What I see in this picture is always a slice in time of what two fringe southern kkk’ers, stereotypical maybe, and when Northern white people were down south they were nervous so we could only imagine how they made black people feel, much like in the civil war Nothern whites went down south in the 60s to fight for civil rights.

No, we do not need a thank you but we certainly don’t need the fuck you directed at the wrong people, people of color do have a legit beef with white people and one of them is in the White House. What you don’t realize is we have the same beef with the same white people that’s what drives us crazy when you side with one of them like the KKK golden boy Joe Biden.

What drives this white man crazy is how he lies about his record on civil rights, so let me get this straight Joe Biden was all about civil rights while voting to give Jefferson Davis back his citizenship, the President of the confederacy that went to war with the North over slavery, I’m supposed to believe that?  You know he didn’t get arrested marching

He got arrested marching and you believe him?  What about the elected officials that were alive back then and did get their heads kicked in how come not one of you call him a liar, shame on you.

Shame on you that you allow him to call out republicans as racists and the leaders you say we should side ourselves with, honest Abe, MLK, they were republicans, we are following them.

His dad was on the side of Bull Conner, you could see that by looking at that picture, you don’t think that man in the picture used the N-word around young Joe Biden?  Or his dad’s friends? If you don’t think he was throwing the N-word around daily during civil rights, imagine what he said about Rosa Parks.

Joe and his family have always been behind George Wallace and Bull Conner believe that shit.  If you are denouncing White Supremacy then how do you vote to give the president, the leader of the men that started the White Supremacists movement in the USA back his citizenship?  Or his voting record or the words he has used?  You’re still so scared of the southern Masser?

Shame on you for this sham of voting rights, they are the 2020 tactics the south used after the civil war, the want to get rid of the filibuster, they want to give the example of the 1891 filibuster that stopped a federal election law, the aim of the bill was to ensure black men were allowed to vote in elections safely and yes a week-long filibuster ended that bill that was, wait for it, of course, it was the Democrats that used the filibuster in 1891 to stop voting right. Northern senators “claimed they didn’t understand the intensity of southerners’ opposition to the bill.”

Let us not forget when they say Northern senators they mean republicans.

So let’s not forget that we republicans, not you Joe are the party of freedom.


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"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." Albert Camus