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Downed Drone

So the Ruskies shoot down a 32 million dollar reaper drone, as a proud American I have to tell you Reaper Drone is just bad ass but as an American I’m wondering what the fuck are we doing flying reaper drones near a war zone?\

Senator Rounds for example is irate over the Russians downing our drone, I think the Senator and everyone else that’s screaming for us to do something has to stop and ask ourselves a very simple question.


I am more concerned as an American that maybe were trying to provoke Russia into a fight by flying reaper drones off their coast, another thing that concerns me is our the news is saying the Russians shot a drone down over the Black Sea, international waters, what the news is leaving out is the Black Sea does touch Russia, these are the countries it touches,  Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

I hate the Ruskies, Gen X does not like the Russians, Ill tell you what else we don’t like, that’s being mislead and with that said, looking at the countries that the Black Sea Borders.


I am more pissed at the Govt for once again putting American lives in danger by putting its nose where it doesn’t belong and I’m sick and fucking tired of these idiot talking heads pushing us into a war with Russia.

I’m more pissed that the govt put a 32 million dollar piece of equipment into the Black Sea and lets face it if Russia did the same were supposed to do the same so stop the fucking nonsense, that the douche bags in charge are that wreck less with our equipment.

Its not like we left billions of dollars of our equipment in Afghanistan, I mean their is no reason for us to think this administration is anything but accountable to us in everything that it does.

So today March 16th 2023 all the war hawk talking heads are screaming at us to do something about the Russians forcing down a reaper drone that again in this mans opinion shouldn’t be operating to begin with? When did congress vote on this?  And that Ron Desantis will not visit Ukraine because he said we have no interest in the war and again in this Americans humble opinion.

My fellow Americans I am more concerned with the fact that we are pushing Russia to attack us and the Neo Cons love it than we provoking Russia to shoot down a reaper drone in the Black Sea which again Russia is one of the countries that touch its coast.




"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." Albert Camus