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Tik Tok

So the Chinese Govt, the CCP is using Tik Tok to spy on us, gather personal information, and influence people, trying to anyway.  Like I get the whole Social Media addiction thing, or the whole I hate China thing, and I do, I would love to see China going back to making leaky water pistols know what I mean but I got to call Bullshit on this one.

Added to that list is now Twitter right, once Elon bought Twitter Twitter became dangerous, you could say almost as dangerous as they say Tik Tok is.  Trust me when I tell you that you can not law your way into good behavior and if you’re a parent worried about Tik Tok then I’m really sorry to tell you it’s not China’s fault.

You do know Google, Facebook and Amazon know everything they need to know about you but Twitter, now that Elon owns it and Tik Tok are dangerous to us.  DO YOU REALLY THINK WE ARE THAT FUCKING STUPID?

So Twitter under and after Dorsey they weren’t dangerous?  They suppressed so much actual information and did interfere with an election but we get it as long as they are spying for you it’s okay.  I wonder if the states that have banned Tik Tok have also banned Amazon, and Facebook, or not allowing access to Gmail.  You do know if you use Gmail they most likely have access to everything on your phone.

Or is what you are saying that as Govt officials you are ok with your workers being spied on by the above-said services, of course, you are.

It’s crystal clear to this American that as long as the big tech is spying on us for them it’s okay.


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