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There are no mass shootings,

These are terror attacks.

I used to think there was a mental reason for these rampage shootings, there is but it’s deeper than just saying another crazy person goes on a rampage, which is what I used to say.

This piece of shit was radicalized. This guy after the first shooting then drove to Madison Wisconsin but decided he didn’t plan enough and went back to highland park.

They keep saying, all the signs were there, he was reported, how did he get a gun and do this, blah blah blah, maybe no one wanted to stop him did you ever consider that?  Maybe he was programmed to do this. I’m crazy until I’m not.

Cornpop does keep telling us white supremacy is the most dangerous threat to this country and I maintain he’s not lying, he’s talking about the Democratic party, leftist propaganda radicalized him.

What they are teaching the children, what we are aware of, telling a 10-year-old to get a sex change, drag queens in school, medicating children, online bullying, letting men compete as women against women, and your shocked over people like this piece of shit?

You really wonder why this is happening and you think some gun law is going to stop those like him, no they are programmed.

Did you know that one of the 3 letter agencies says one person with multiple social media handles attacking another person, further isolating the isolated? This was an attack on the 4th of July, if you don’t see this as a terrorist attack then there is something wrong with you, these are not mass, rampage, or mental illness shootings.  These young men have been radicalized to hate our country, they are terrorists.

How can it be anything different than a terror attack?  All the people at that parade will never be the same, will never go to a public event the same way again, terror, the ones injured, the families of those that lost lives?  Terror.

Uvalde, the children, parents, and teachers will they ever be the same?  Terror.  Every one of these incidents is a terror attack that could have been prevented.

Where the fuck is corn pop and his usually white supremacists talk?  Oh, that’s right he’s a liberal.

Before 9/11 the FBI said, the impeccable institution it is, but that’s another story right, pre 9/11 environmental terrorists were considered the most dangerous threat to us according to the FBI.

The most dangerous threat to America was not radicalized Islamic terror but eco-terrorists, FBI archive laying some of it out. The reason the Eco terrorists were/is considered the most dangerous threat to us is how they operate.  No leader, no groups no orders, no way for anyone to really trace them except to observe these threats.

From the above archives,

“Special interest terrorism differs from traditional right-wing and left-wing terrorism in that extremist special interest groups seek to resolve specific issues, rather than effect widespread political change. Special interest extremists continue to conduct acts of politically motivated violence to force segments of society, including the general public, to change attitudes about issues considered important to their causes. These groups occupy the extreme fringes of animal rights, pro-life, environmental, anti-nuclear, and other movements. Some special interest extremists — most notably within the animal rights and environmental movements — have turned increasingly toward vandalism and terrorist activity in attempts to further their causes.”

As in the case of this coward, I mean a pic is worth a thousand words right?

This is a 22-year-old lost punk who thinks he’s hard because of his tats, this persona that he has adapted is to hide his true fears that he’s not a man, no friends, no romantic interests, an isolationist that got radicalized by the far left right under our noses.

This loser was fucked at birth like I bring up the tats, and I have plenty just so you know but that’s another story, he had to have started this work of art in his early teens.  And guessing by the momma’s boy look in his eyes his parents were ok with and signed off on this shit.

I’m a Gen X’er so fuck yeah we did a whole lot of shit THAT OUR PARENTS DIDNT SIGN OFF ON.

We had to hide it,  if there was a kid like him when we were kids, we would have all kept our eye on him.

So let us imagine if you will, now maybe I’m a little sketchy on the details like it’s going to be a green sweater instead of a blue windbreaker know what I mean but stay with me if he was say 10 years old today in 2022 his parents would be letting him do a sex change.

So he’s an isolated freak, with no other freaks for friends, an isolated freak, one that the other freaks think is to fucking weird even for them, raised by I’m guessing one he had helicopter parents and two liberal asswipes.

The propaganda he grew up with comes from his crazy parents, how is it any different than a hold-off kkk member throwing the n-word around in front of his kids, guess what his kids will do?

Leftists propaganda is no less dangerous, I can imagine in his house when the likes of Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, Chucky Schumer, Nany “wrinkle cunt” Pelosi, when they are telling their leftists soldiers to get in the face of republicans etc etc his parents whichever one wwe

During the height of isis and Islamic terror that they were selling us, they warned us about those getting radicalized here in the US, do you remember that?  They warned us that the children of America were being targeted by isis and such online.

What do you think the left and MSM are doing to young people like the July 4th shooter? First, we need to separate the real rampage shooter, columbine is the example and we often now look to one of these shootings occurs, apples and oranges my friends, Dylan Roof and Robert Crimo and the likes of them are not mass shooters, they are terrorists.

No columbine and these shooters are not the same, what was done to them was the same, what columbine showed dare I say the govt, its easier to say the govt than name the 3 letter agencies, what it showed the 3 letter agencies was how to radicalize young disenchanted men and how easy it is to target them

Words are important, say those words out loud which one sounds more menacing, more exact to what these pieces of shit cowards are.  Say it out loud, mass shooter, terrorists?  Words are important.

Didn’t they warn us isis was coming for soft targets?  What do you think churches, holiday parades, and supermarkets are?  Soft Targets

This is a young man who had no love in his life, clearly, you can see that in his pics, no love, no life, no hope nothing worth living for, when your a white privileged liberal, and don’t you love his father’s remarks as reported by the NY Post.

“and washed his hands of any guilt over how the suspect got his gun….“I talked to him 13 hours before [Monday’s massacre]. That’s why I guess I’m in such shock. … Like, did he have a psychiatric break or something?….“You know, he drove there, he ordered them, he picked them up, they did his background check on each one,” said Crimo Jr., insisting he had “zero” involvement in the massacre.

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