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Fuck the masks

I was tired of covid back in 2020, I mean like the beginning, it wasn’t the first time in our history we, we meaning the globe was facing a pandemic, 1918, then again in the 50’s right?

There are some old videos out there of people from the 50’s talking about washing their hands and holy shit drinking hot water all day long. Hot water 1 kills germs in your mouth, 2 it pushes said germs down your throat into your acid-laced stomach that kills everything it touches lol.  I’m a nurse, I’m just not licensed, and for those of that don’t get that go fuck yourself.

The mask campaign never made sense to me at all, why didn’t we see a monster ad campaign to do something else that can stop the spread.


The govt propaganda machine, commercial after commercial to get vaxed, wear a mask blah blah, not one fucking commercial to wash your fucking hands, lose weight, not one but you better wear that dirty mask.

FYI I wore the same cloth mask all through covid, I mean the same one didn’t wash it once.

So imagine that, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, as a child my mother told me only elbows in my mouth lol, I can tell you when I was a kid I would eat a sandwich with my hands after playing outside all day and not washing my them. Drink fluids throughout the day and if you’re sick with anything not just covid stay the fuck home

They want to mask children, do you think a mask is stopping any germs from spreading in children?  Me childless, knows children put everything in their mouth, every fucking thing they touch, think about this every single thing a child touches has been in their mouth.  But let’s put masks on them to stop the spread.

See that’s how I knew you were full of shit from day one, they closed the parks and beaches I will never forget the dude on a LA beach alone, he was alone on the beach no other soul was there and the police swarmed him, like if covid was so bad why were they approaching him?  Who was he threatening?

Do you know what you get when you go outside?  Vitamin D, what does vitamin D do?  It boosts your immunity.  Imagine that the

Like all of us, I wondered why big box stores could be open but mom and pops could not, restaurants were closed but take out was ok?  Adult and liquor stores open, get your scratch-offs and booze that’s ok but you can’t go to church, you can go to Walmart but not the park.

Granted if you are overweight or have numerous other health conditions covid is deadly, just like the flu or pneumonia, which in the US seems to be a lot of people right?  How selfish were you because you could not take care of yourself to sacrifice the lives of the future which is what you did?

The countless young men that died in WW2 died for the future, the children they left behind or never had, they died for the child being born right this very minute.  What would they think of you mask-wearing pussy adults?

I do recall some douche politician saying covid was this generation’s ww2 or something like that. Really? You ran and hid so you didn’t do such a great job, lucky for us it wasn’t nazis marching on the world, you can never really compare anything to WW2 FYI.

Look if you want to wear a hazmat suit I could give a fuck just leave me out of your nonsense, the same way I can give a fuck if some 6 foot 300lb bearded man wants to wear a tutu go for it, again leave me out of your nonsense. Don’t make me wear a hazmat suit, wear yours and stay the fuck out of my way, I look at you as somewhat delusional, to be honest with you, your mental illness scares me more than covid, but that’s another story.

Keep trusting the govt you woke naive gullible sheep.

"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." Albert Camus