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Fuck you Neil Young

And the horse you rode in on.

I was never a fan, never owned an album, a couple of songs sure I know, he was more my bothers generation, what I do know is he was a hippy protesting the govt the man, they take such credit for ending the Viet Nam war.

In the late 70s, early 80s Neil Young was considered to us Gen Xers classic rock sorry to say, so now in 2022, he’s beyond dinosaur when I heard he was protesting Joe Rogan, pulled his irrelevant shit off Spotify, see that’s what we thought about those relics when I started to listen to music, that he and so many like him were proven to be full of shit.  Neil Young, I believed shot dope, maybe he still does who knows, let’s not forget that ok.

My buds and I would have laughed in his face back then, now he’s really a cranky old man sitting on his porch screaming at the little kids playing running around cause we were making too much noise. To be honest, when I was 8 we would have done something fucked up to him lol, my people know what I mean.

Imagine that a dude that was such a big mouth protesting the govt has become another govt tool.

Let’s not forget that the Neil Youngs of the world back in his time, the 1960s called our returning soldiers baby killers, spit of them, treated our returning vets like shit.

Hmm, the left is still doing that today.

What I find as a lifelong music lover, hard rock and metal is my favorite genre but I love music and listen to everything, what mood I’m in is what music I listen to that day.  Im not some pop fan of music is my point, nothing wrong with pop music btw I just mean i’m a fan.

I’m from the Nirvana generation, that’s not what I listened to growing up, I consider Nirvana Gen X’s music genre, we own it but we were influenced by so much music.  Often times on those 80s MTV, VH1 shows you would hear the hair bands blaming grunge for the destruction of the hair band.

I take a different stand, the hair band fans grew up, the Crue was the only real hair band worth anything and that wasn’t their original image, after Vince decapitated Razzle in the car accident they changed their image and went soft to keep Vince out of jail before that they looked hard.

No, we just grew up and the fantasy lyrics weren’t cutting it for us as adults, dudes like Cobain exposed the lie.

Do you generations of today know what we grew up with?  The promise they told us?  The lie?  White house picket fence 2.2 children, dog, 2 cars in the driveway.  My generation, our generation knew this was a lie simple, that everything was not going to be ok.

I often wonder in these times what Cobain would say, you douchebags think you know what he would say, can you imagine Kurt telling us to put on a mask or cow-towing to the govt.  I know exactly what he would say if you were one of us you know to.

Here we are, entertain us.

So fuck you Neil Young and any other musician advocating censorship.

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"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." Albert Camus