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Domestic terror the biggest threat to the USA?

So President douche has stated that domestic terrorism is the biggest threat to the USA we all shake our heads but he’s telling us the truth and the good ole boy Mr. KKK himself is in the Whitehouse. I’m waiting for him to say something bad about our flag, after all, he recognizes a different flag as our nation’s flag.

Lets us never forget that the Democrats started the KKK, Nathan Bedford Forrest its first grand wizard.

Let us also not forget the first black politicians elected were republicans but on to white supremacist Joe.

He hails from a slave state, Deleware, his family with most likely ties to the crown settled in Maryland, another slave state,  looking back at his geology looks like they were listed as produce merchants, so did Joe’s Great great great grandaddy own slaves?  Methinks yes.

From Wiki

“Biden’s paternal third great-grandfather, William Biden (1789–1849), was born in England and emigrated to the United States, where he settled in Maryland, A possible connection may also exist to the family of a William Henry Biden, who was from Houghton, Cambridgeshire and lived from 1791 to 1843. This William Henry was a son of John Biden (died 28 July 1796) and his wife Ann Beaumont, who had married in 1781. The seventh of eight children and the family’s fifth son, William Henry and his elder brother, Christopher Biden (1789–1858) served as officers in the East India Company merchant marine, both eventually becoming captains of East Indiamen. William Henry commanded mid-sized vessels before his death at Rangoon in 1843.”

For those of you that do not know the East India Company were slave traders, according to wiki Joe Bidens third great-granduncle was a captain for the slave-trading East India company in Idia, he was the captain of a ship that contained slaves while his brother landed in America and they went into produce farming, sounds like a plantation to me, I mean in slave state if your ancestors owned a farm isn’t that a nice politically correct way for 2021 to call a plantation, a produce farm.

On that note, Veep is another direct descendant of a slave owner Hamilton Brown, he was, surprize surprize a WASP, yes he was “Irish”, the English had invaded both Ireland and Scotland so in 1776 when he was born the WASP he was he was loyal to the crown and certainly would have had the permission from the Crown to set off on such a venture.

Keep in mind their English Descendants were not elite, not super-elite, super-elite did not do the dirty work that’s what people like the Bidens were for, more than willing to profit from the blood of people, the elites need people like the Bidens.

That’s Joe’s dad on the left, he was a used car salesman in the south in the 60s and 70s, tell me this doesn’t look like the father and son KKK team.  How do you think Joe’s dad talked about black people?  We know how just from this picture.  A picture says a thousand words. Can you say cracker racists?

So when BLM, the Squad, and every other democrat kkk motherfucker push the democrat agenda and scream about how racists Republicans and white people are, that reparations and all the other nonsense you talk I want you to remember you voted in a direct ancestor’s to slave owners and slave traders, think about that both president and VP families profited from the slave trade.

You want white people that had nothing to do with slavery or Jim Crow, his dad, that guy in the pic above you can honestly look at the picture and not see him as someone who was in favor of Jim Crow?

You want us that had nothing do it with it while those responsible for it like Joe Biden tell us we need to feel guilty and recognize our white privilege, don’t you love the white guy that tells us were privileged all the while never acknowledging theirs?

You don’t think that guy and how many of his close friends weren’t wearing white hoods?  Give me a fucking break, I mean in this pic it actually looks like those two are on the way to such a meeting, you can’t see it?

How many times do you think the N-word flew out of good ole Joe’s mouth and just look at his dad you know what his favorite word was when talking about black people.

He’s actually right, let us not forget the things sippy-cup has said or the friends he’s kept over the years, one of them you ain’t black if you don’t vote for me and the classic they going to put you back in chains, I mean so many hits we don’t need to go over them just google it.

So back in the day, the southern democrats used to threaten black people with violence if they voted a certain way, and let’s not forget again in the 1960s the Northerns that went down there again but this time as lawyers, civil rights activists, and politicians, but hell yeah white southern democrats loyal to the KKK did suppress black voters from exercising there right.

Joe thinks black people are so stupid they can not get an ID, he said it not me. The BLM and Antifa-controlled riots are no different than cross and church burnings destroying only black and poor neighborhoods with the threat of violence and you better vote for me or look how bad shit can get.

Didn’t they say things could get worse?  He’s not lying when he says domestic terror is the biggest threat to our freedom, he’s warning us about them.

The same way when he says you ain’t black if you don’t for me sounds like the same KKK threat. Smoke and mirrors but to the Dems credit, they aren’t even hiding it.

The same way they will tell us now that the Republicans wanted to defund the police but that’s another story.

Blm is the new kkk, the new nazis, blm only cares when a black man is shot by the police, usually, when you get shot by the police it’s cause you drew a gun and or are fighting regardless of the color of your skin.

The Dems not speaking out on black violence or the murder cities run by Dems that have also been looted, set on fire, police stations abandoned and set on fire, murders daily, look at Chicago all of them run by Dems and mostly black and brown politicians.

Yes all those, most of the Dems have sold out the very people they claim to love and help though have never done anything to help them, somehow through smoke and mirrors getting credit for civil rights when it was republicans that fought and died for it, how the fuck do the Dems get credit for that?

So as black kill black people in black-controlled Democratic political murder cities, how is white supremacy a threat?  I’m confused unless the white supremacist is president sippy cup, which I believe he is by the way, how come every picture we see is black on black crime?  There are many reasons for this which is another story.

What if the old racists of this country figured a way to get their way from the inside, get in power, make laws, start groups like blm and antifa who perpetrate violence, allow the murder of black people by black people to run rampant in big cities all the while blaming white people?

Show me your friends and I know who you are.