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Viva la Cuba, libertad

Just like we saw in Hong Kong last year, pre covid taking to the streets protesting the CCP demanding the freedom they were promised now we see it in Cuba.

It brings a chill down my spine when I see Cubans in the streets carrying our flag.  The same way the Hong Kongers were protesting singing our anthem carrying our flag with real-life consequences such as death, almost feel jealous, I know it sounds sick but here you witness people doing what we say we are.

Think about that.

For all you flag haters, I’m guessing you never left the USA once in your life not knowing what it means to see our country’s flag, to come upon your embassy in a foreign country and see old glory waving in the wind is indescribable.

I’m all for the govt sponsoring every American between 18-25 a two-month-long trip overseas, not too dangerous countries but oppressive socialists ones.  That would be some of the smartest money we would ever spend.

To the squad and every American flag-hating Dem, it must drive you nuts to see the people of Cuba waving the very flag you hate screaming for freedom, it must make you cringe.

That’s what the flag reps you depressed fucking twats, FREEDOM.

Cubans do not need the vaccine, they do not need food, they do not need our prayers,  they need Lawyers, Guns, and Money to take care of it themselves, right now the people of Cuba wish they had guns let’s not ever lose sight of this.

Up the rebels, let’s hope this time they end it finally.  Go Cuba, some of us here stand with you and we know that in some way you are standing up to the dictator as you see what is happening here.

"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." Albert Camus