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Lebron James Douche, your next

“King” Lebron, king of the modern-day plantation owner, well one of them anyway.

So let me ask you something douche Lebron if the white cop let the black girl stab and kill the black girl would he also be racists and would he still be marked as next by King Douche?

Remember you play a child’s game, yes you seem to be at the top of your sport based on the media hysteria and your inflated ego thinking you’re intelligent because you get paid to entertain us.

I mean 1 doesn’t it seem a little funny you such a woke person as yourself basically hmmm get paid by whom to entertain who?

You have a lot to say about the American flag and America with its racism but you, I mean your black right?  I’m guessing from African ancestors but then how has a black man become as rich as you?

How is America is racist if you are so successful, how many white people purchased your team jumping ass Jerseys?

This is what racism looks like in your beloved China.

Your a fellow slave owner right?  So the other elites are your peers except you bought your way into their game and got news for you will never be one of them.

You are one of them, if not the largest black modern-day slave owner, how do you think your shit is getting made in China?

If you cared so much about the black community then why haven’t you opened up manufacturing plants in inner cities that need the jobs?

Lets first be clear to state the obvious you are a ho, yes you are pimped out by most everyone and you willing to sell yourself, granted you’re getting paid I’m guessing most of us would be hard-pressed not to be a sell-out like you were we giving the same fortune.

If you really were a “man” for your people you would not be selling or marketing your sneakers or any of your wasteful overpriced merchandise to any disenfranchised people in fact if you were such a nobleman you wouldn’t be selling overpriced Nike line and 2 you would be telling your people not to waste their hard-earned money on shit they don’t need like your jerseys and sneakers.

How much food or wait have you or any of your fellow ballers looked at how you truly affect the black community? You think you have a great impact on it as you teach them to throw their money away to keep you fat in the pockets.

You would rather have people struggling to put that money on their feet than rather into the advancement of themselves and their children, shame on you.

I wonder how much stimi money you got from people spending it on your bullshit brand.

You’re a fraud and you know it.

You should be thanking whatever creator that you were born in the USA allowing you to make hundreds of millions of dollars simply because you can play a child’s game.

So Lebron from all of us at TWIB, while you’re going to fuck yourself please suck a big back of dicks and wash it down with a bucket of dirty rotten pussies.



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"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." Albert Camus