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Chinese Corona and Joe Biden?


Is it not possible that China has unleashed Corona as an effort to interfere with our elections on the side of Joe Biden they feeling he is the best hope to defeat Trump?

Your saying China wouldn’t do something like that? Don’t forget Tienanmen square no China wouldn’t unleash a virus on the world after all they did not run over their citizens with tanks right?

1st look at the idiot Biden, and that’s long before dementia that appears to have started to set in, doesn’t he look lost like he’s waking up saying where did all these people come and who are they?

All his life like Bernie Sanders and a whole bunch more have done nothing more than collect the grand daddy of govt welfare a politicians welfare check and he’s made a serious career out of it, I wonder in Bernie’s medical plan does he give up his golden govt insurance.

China would love nothing more than get Biden elected we already know they bought the family off with the what 1.5 billion to Hunter and can you get more of a white privileged name then Hunter and why would China and Russia, or why would China let Russian assist in the take down?

We have crushed the Chinese and Russians, crushed them, Johnnie public doesn’t see how we have crushed them but crippling sanctions, trade tariffs, America has become energy independent and more important an exporter stealing contracts from them, oil is Russia’s only real business besides strippers that is run by the govt and because it’s a socialist/communists country they can do what they want not giving a fuck if they loose money selling oil, they get the people to sacrifice for the “party” but only the people suffer, they “party” is no more than a mafia organization.

So yes they can drop the price of oil and like a day before the crazy corona financial meltdown Russia was dropping cheap oil.

Russia is hurting for hard currency and is it really that far fetched that the Chinese cooked up this scheme with the Russians to try and tank our economy in and effect to try and interfere with our elections and get Biden elected?

Isnt that more plausible than Trump being a Russian plant?

Chinese are smarter than the Russians but they are 2 peas in a pod and Russia is mostly a barren wasteland.

Again you Bernie fans go move to either country they got the system in place that your advocating for here.

I’m crazy right.

So Biden gets a pass, all the nominees that only weeks ago were ripping into him endorsing him, wouldn’t you love once to see, but Kamala you said this about Joe back on the stage, how can you endorse him now?  Just once camon guys.

His debate with Bernie no crowd he wins, no gatherings, he wins, he’s cruising to the nomination all because of Corona.

biden with xi

We all know that Trump is going to crush it in November that sleepy creepy Joe is really just a sacrificial lamb. Which one of those cats wanted to get the asses handed top them by Trump and look how fast the other nominees got behind Biden.  On that matter, WHERES OBAMA?

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