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Tin Foil Rachel Maddow

I can’t help myself sorry, first check out her Wikipedia page,let us first understand that this is the very white elite privilege that people like her are always talking about with her doctorate from Lincoln College, Oxford, I Say that with my finest British accent with my nose turned up in the air. Snowflake.


This privileged little brat grew up in Castro Valley California, her father was a Air Force Captain who resigned before she was born that then went to work as a lawyer for the East Bay Municipal Utility District which controls the water for San Fransisco that in 2007 generated 375.5 Million in revenue, I’m sure her father made a fortune working there that helped to support this privileged little snowflake never having to worry about a thing, her mom was a school program administrator so were getting the picture right?

Darling Rachel Anne Maddow described herself, referencing the Breakfast club “a cross between the jock and the antisocial girl” graduated Castro Valley High, just makes you want to puke thinking about the privilege oozing out of the hallways of this precious American suburban high school.


You could just see her watching the part where Emilo asks Ally Sheedy what do they do to you to which sh replies “they Ignore Me”  you just know Rachel quivers at that line probably talking to Sheedy telling her she understands your not alone, hahahahahaha, I told you I couldn’t help myself.

What has crazy ever done, she has a Dr in Philosophy of course, so again a privileged little rich white girl who had the courtesy to just be a academic. As covered a little in the Kavenaugh allegations this little brat would have been one of those girls who could make up and further convince woman like Dr Ford to tell such a lie.

I used to tune into her show BT (Before Trump) but could never watch for more than a couple of minutes at a time, I would go back and forth often trough her mind numbing tinfoil laced monologue for kicks and and she at times had an interesting view of things and in her good white guilt privilege there would be times she would have a few good things to say and she would come off a little like Mika Brzesinski, another white privileged nut job just look into this I have to say dictionary picture of white purity right,we will pick on her another time,  anyway you ever get the feel both of them drop some ludes and are wearing a butterfly at times?

The only thing I remember from crazy Rachel is the Trump tax returns and how she got him. You remember that right? Holding up his returns with that smug look of I got him don’t you see? She is so transparent in her need to please daddy.

I had a crazy gf one time, hahahahahahaha one time right :), anyway this particular brand of crazy was like this, one time she told me she knew I was cheating on her (I wasn’t BTW) by the way I glanced at my phone that was sitting like normal where it always was on the coffee table., She BTW had a degree going for her Dr in Psychology lol.

That’s exactly the look crazy Rachel and wait now Adam Schiff who was not represented in the Posts above bracket but him and Rahel make it to the final game the three of them all share that special glare that tells us they are either or should be heavily  medicated and maybe we shouldn’t turn our back on them especially if they should be holding a sharp object.

You can just see crazy sitting around with her click of high society never did anything in their lives had so many doors open to them that do not and I repeat do not exist for so many of us friends sipping wine probably smoking weed, I’m also guessing popping a bunch of of different chemical cocktails winning about how Trump is destroying the planet colluding with the Russians to undermine America blah blah blah blah blah pulling her hair our her head screaming why is no one listening to me hahahahahahaha.

Our dear crazy Rachel Maddow is no different than a corner preacher telling us the world is ending tomorrow or better yet chicken little and the sky is falling.

Am I the only one that sees a resemblance to the Mad Magazine guy?

How many times has crazy diagnosed Trump?  I am now convinced that Rachel Maddow suffers from some form of untreated Schizophrenia, seriously again the only reason shes not siting on a flight deck somewhere is because of her privilege but that’s certainly where she belongs.




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